Setting up shop

Setting up my online shop had been a dream for some time but I felt needed to build up enough stock to make the venture worthwhile. That wasn’t going to be easy with a full-time job, family, golf and DIY jobs to keep me busy. I managed to fill the studio and living room walls with paintings, but I was still worried that I didn’t have enough.

The breakthrough came last October while holidaying in a remote part of Tuscany. I had taken a set of watercolours with me “just in case”. Inspired by a combination of the fantastic scenery and weather I created 15 new works. The time was right to take a plunge and build an empire.

Filling the shelves

I had to prepare the paintings for sale and then get them on the virtual shelves. Thankfully, a long break this Christmas has given me the opportunity to put my varnishing, photographic and framing skills into practice.

Open for business

On 4 January 2018 StephenMurrayArtist opened its doors for the first time, stocking a selection of my acrylic and watercolour paintings. Right now I’m working on the marketing plan, my website and putting finishing touches on the next batch of paintings. Roll on that first sale!


I’ve now integrated the shop within the my website and so there’s no need to leave the website and go to Etsy to buy one of my works.